Tone It Up Retreat Miami 2016 Experience



This past weekend I was invited to experience the four-day Tone It Up Retreat in Miami, Fl, by fitness moguls Karena and Katrina.  Now before I go into depth about the retreat, which by the way was held at 4 Diamond Resort The Ritz-Carlton Key Biscayne, let me state that I have not even heard of the two ladies or their empire.  In order to accept being invited I had to do a quick Google search and saw that these ladies had a mass following…… HUGE!!!!  What was it about these two beach babes that had women want to fly from all over the world to their retreat?  It didn’t take long for me to discover the answer to the question.

WARNING: This is a lengthy post.

Day 1 – Welcome Soirée

Since the soirée was in the evening I spent most of my day on #TIURetreatMiami Instagram search.  Go ahead and judge me, I was just being well informed.  There were women doing their #TIUCheckin for the retreat, women looking for someone to share a Uber with, and even some women working out while waiting for their flight to Miami, talk about commitment.  Anyway, by 4pm I packed myself up and drove down to The Ritz-Carlton Key Biscayne for check-in.  I didn’t really check-in since I’m a Miami native, and since there wasn’t any self parking valet had the luxury of driving my Toyota Camry back and forth for the next few days.  Once I entered the doors of The Ritz-Carlton Key Biscayne I was directed to my Tone It Up Retreat check in area for my itinerary and my swag for day’s bags…… I’ll get to the swag later.  The itinerary was perfectly detailed and the TIU Team was beyond excellent. Shout out to the retreat event manager Brianne and the rest of the TIU Team for a well executed check in.


While waiting for the soiree’ to begin I met two women, one from Seattle, WA and the other from North Carolina.  Women who became part of the TIU community to start a change in their lifestyle and at the same time have a group of women who can support them on their journey.  As we waited more and more women started to fill the main lawn of The Ritz-Carlton Key Biscayne anticipating the arrival of Karena and Katrina.  Now I promise you it was like a movie, I look up and there stood the founders of Tone It Up with their entourage of friends, family and of course photographer walking down the stairs to enter the event.  Next thing I heard was all these women screaming and cheering them on.  As Karena and Katrina walked closer and made their entrance the group of women then followed.  The night full of photo ops and endless rose’.

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Before the night was over Karena and Katrina made sure to hop on the stage and thank everyone for coming.  Part of the speech included the one line that every woman wants to hear and should always hear, “every one of you is beautiful.” Yep, that sold me!

Katrina and Karena

Day 2 – Rose’ 5k and then some….

Here we go, the first day of actual activity.  Breakfast started at 6:30am, I have no idea what time I reached the hotel, but it was just in time to grab a cup of coffee, a bottle of jump shot juice by Lumi, and a seat to watch the sunrise in the east.  Everyone was hyper and ready to take on our Rose’ 5k.  The numbers were distributed by the TIUTeam and we all loaded about four charter buses to our running location at Bill Baggs Cape Florida State Park.

Pictures? (check)

Restroom stop? (check)

Workout soundtrack/ (check)

Log onto Charity Miles app? (check)

Okay ladies now let’s get in formation!!!

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At first I wanted to run thinking that if I walked I would be last, then I realized that the whole idea is to go at your own pace so I managed to gain walking partners and we walked that trail like it was Runyon Canyon Park and did a quick jog for the last five seconds of the finish line (go ahead and judge me, but it motivated me to actually continue doing 5k’s until I actually run them).

Finish line reward was a glass of Rose’. There were other options such as Core water and Lumi juice, but I chose Rose’ (I mean why not.). A young woman named Sarah handed out mix CD’s that she made for every woman that was there. She didn’t know everybody, but she wanted to share her appreciation for having this experience with all the women there.

A photo posted by Sarah Stevens (@tiu_sarah_stevens) on May 14, 2016 at 6:24pm PDT


We headed back to the hotel and next on the agenda was the Q&A session with Katrina and Karina.  All I remember is that Lulu Melon sells the best long-lasting underwear to workout in.  The Q&A lasted about thirty minutes then it was time for my first activity session. Of course it was kick boxing, who doesn’t want kick boxing out in the Miami sun on the beautiful green lawn of The Ritz after a run???  Our kickboxing instructor was Elanit Friedman of Box N Burn .  First things first, there were eight different circuits to do in one hour, I think I lasted till the sixth then waited for the cool down.  I’ve taken kickboxing before, but I couldn’t hang that long with the new #TIUKickboxing crew.

I gathered my things at the end and headed home to change for the all white Yacht Party.

Yacht Party – We’re On A Boat!

Again I say, okay ladies now let’s get in formation and they slayed!!!


Everyone looked totally different from this morning.  Dresses were laced, hair was layed, makeup was flawless, and the excitement level was on ten.  Before we set sail on the Biscayne Lady Yacht which was dubbed the #TIUYacht for the night, there was a surprise gift given to all of us.  The TIU Team gifted a statement jewelry piece by Kendra Scott to every single woman on the yacht.  From what I saw not a single piece was identical to the other which in some way reflected that each woman had their own beauty.

There was dinner, there was conversation, there were bottomless drinks, there was dancing, and there was the cute waiter who couldn’t resist dancing with loads of women.

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Day 3 – K&K Booty Call

Unfortunately I didn’t make the 9am K&K Booty Call, my dog took priority.  I did manage to make it on time for my first activity session for the day though.  What was my activity for today?  KICKBOXING!!!  Yep, I had kickboxing again, but I learned my lesson from the day before and was ready.  I rearranged my Tidal workout playlist to play a shuffle of:

Jay Z & Kanye West – Who Gon Stop Me

Beyonce – Ring The Alarm

Rhianna – B:t@h Better Have My Money

Jay-Z & Kanye West – H.A.M.

Nicki Minaj – Shanghai

Till I Collapse – Eminem & Nate Dogg

Lose Yourself – Eminem

Don’t Hurt Yourself – Beyonce & Jack White

I was ready for this day!!! Left jab-right jab- kick… oh yeah, in my zone.

After three Core bottles of water I can confidently say I made it through the entire workout.  Now I’m looking for a kickboxing gym to continue my conditioning in Miami.

Break for lunch.  My vegan life is a hard life, but the TIU Team provided options.  THANK YOU!!!!!

Second activity was cardio salsa.  Yep, same day, another activity.  Now, I’m from Miami and I’m a natural dancer of some sorts, but cardio salsa is not the same as regular salsa, let me just say that now.  Our instructor looked likes she was sculpted directly by the hand of God!!!  Don’t believe me check her on Instagram, Kamila Cardenas, an account was created for her by one of the women from the retreat.  Now back to cardio salsa, with the reggaeton playing as our fitness soundtrack she allowed everyone to move at their own pace.  It wasn’t about trying to get every dance move; it was about building cardio strength and learning some additional sexy moves.  Towards the end of the workout she allowed us to ask her questions on how to build certain body parts.  High booty, sculpted abs, and toned legs which she had so whatever she said was golden!!


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It was now time for another session called SUP aka Stand Up Paddling, but due to my insecurity with the ocean I skipped it to go home and change for the night.  SUP engages your core, arms, legs and back while also improving balance.  Maybe I’ll try it one day when I feel more like a shark in the water instead of a drowning cat.

Farewell Cocktail and Dinner – After The Party Is The Hotel Lobby!

Once again, everyone was gorgeous in their beach formal wear.  The cocktail party was held outside at The Ritz-Carlton Key Biscayne patio area.  It was the perfect time of day, 7pm, so all the ladies took the opportunity to take photos with the oceanic backdrop.  Special cocktail drink of the evening were these delicious Cuban strawberry mojitos.  As 7:30 creeped up we all entered into the ballroom for dinner.

A photo posted by Jessica (@mermaid_jessssica) on May 24, 2016 at 12:18pm PDT


Farewell Gala #tiuteam #tiuretreatmiami #tiubesties

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The guest entertainer for the first part of the night was Kelley James and the official DJ of the Miami Heat, DJ Irie.  Talk about dancing the night away!!!  Technically the event was only supposed to last from 7pm-11pm, now I don’t know how it happened, but the party lasted till 1am and then after the show it’s the after party, then after the party it’s the hotel lobby, then if you lasted long enough was the hotel pool and/or water fountain depending on who you ask.  I did my rounds of goodbye got in my car and drove back home knowing for sure I was not going to make yoga at 9am that morning.

#TIURetreatMiami gala @irie and #alexhegwed

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Final night of #tiuretreatmiami

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Day 4 – Yoga, hugs, and girl bye….

Today was the last day and surprisingly enough I made it to yoga. Best way to end this retreat on  The Ritz-Carlton Key Biscayne green lawn facing the ocean. My favorite pose was just laying there and reflecting on the weekend that I had with genuine women.

FYI: This is not me in the picture above.

Well that’s it! I was inspired to get totally fit in mind, body and soul. Met a bunch of wonderful women. Danced my butt to fitness. Joined the Tone It Up Community.

Oh wait ………


Official sponsors of Tone It Up x Miami were: Charity Miles, WannaGo, Sweat Cometics, Styled It Hair, Krave JerkyBandier, PerfectFit, Elli Quark, Coola Suncare, Core Hydration, Kendra Scott, ColourPop, Bon Affair, Stance, PerfectBar, Lumi, Threadbuds, and Chef’d.



That’s a wrap!


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