Chanel is a fad

So the other day I was minding my business waiting in line at Starbucks. During this long wait I overheard two women discussing their shopping finds. One bragged about how she bought her bag on sale for about $45 and how expensive that was. The other thought it was a great price. As the line got longer and drinks were still not ready they went on to discuss what was a phase.

Woman 1: I only buy timeless pieces they are worth purchasing.

Woman 2: I agree I would never spend money on a Chanel because it’s just a fad and fashion is always changing.

Me: Have you lost your mind?!

Chanel is a brand that helped to revolutionize fashion fir women.  Hello!

  • Little black dress
  • Class and elegance in practical designs,
  • One of the greatest fashion empires in the world.
  • Went broke then made a huge come back.
  • The Chanel suit.
  • Classic Chanel quilt stitched bag
  • Strong brand identity
  • The Camellia (which I now own a limited edition of.)
  • Member of  Fédération Française de la Couture, du Prêt-à-Porter des Couturiers et des Créateurs de Mode (French Federation of Fashion and of Ready-to-Wear of Couturiers and Fashion Designers). I might have lost you here, but good thing Google and Wikipedia exists.

It represents a lot more, but just know that any purchase of a Chanel item is an investment because it is timeless. TIMELESS!

Photo credit: Chanel website


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